Tin Foil Hat

Mid November of 2019, so just a few months ago, my husband left for an exciting hunting trip. While he was away, I got very sick. The kind of sick where you can hardly move, your fever is over 104, your sweating through multiple outfits and sheets, and you legit think you will die. At one point I instructed the kids to call 911 if I were to pass out, because I really thought it was coming.  Over the course of a week, the sickness moved into my chest and it became hard to breath. Lucky for me, I had some antibiotics at home and started taking them just in case.  At the end of my sickness the kids started feeling crappy, so I had them both checked out and found out Mason is a strep carrier monkey. I was also told that I had likely had strep.  I have never had strep, so I thought it was plausible.

Where am I going with this?  Down a strange rabbit hole, that is where! China had it’s first cases of covid-19 in December, right?  Or was it before then, and no one knew? Their testing methods have been confirmed to be faulty and we know that in general, their government hides information from the world and their own people. I can not help but wonder if the virus was around much earlier than December, and not just in China.  We can easily see how fast it has “spread” but this is because testing has become available.

Now I am not saying that I think that I had covid-19 but I am saying that I could have, lots of us could have and because our healthcare providers didn’t know to test or look for it, that it went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. This of course does not explain the absolute atrocity that we are seeing play out in Italy, but I feel there are so many questions we need answers to. What I am wondering most is, when did it really start, how and is there a why?

Since I have already speculated on the when, I want to touch on the how and why together. I honestly am very curious about the validity of an animal, organically infecting a person, as the patient zero.  Could it happen? Well of course it is possible, especial in such conditions of the wet markets that we have seen pictures of in Wuhan. I do find it curious that China spread propaganda that US military brought it to them, sounds like a large deflection. I know it may seem like a leap, a huge leap, but could China have planted the virus themselves? Eve planted it in an animal and set this up?  Why on earth would they do something like that? Maybe to reduce their over-flowing population of old men, maybe just to reduce their population in general, maybe to reduce all of the world’s population, or maybe it was an experiment that got out of control.  I really do not know, but I can’t help but see so many coincidences that are just too convenient.

Sure, it could have just been the perfect storm, that brewed up a global nightmare, but I cannot help but be curious if there is so much more that we are missing. 

Please, let me know your thoughts. 

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